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If you were born on this thing that your ass is probably the Mongolian ancestors

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here! 99% students do not know the history: three / China emperor poisoned the biggest ancient shit what Wipe / / Darai and the difference between the ancient nomadic solutions / ancient one or two shekels of silver worth / Iraqis discrimination Chinese / Soviet political jokes featured ancient woman like / why / why the twelve zodiac affair for monk no cat? Source public number brain hole (ID:naodonghistory),
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The Internet had a saying that if the little toe is disperse toe,
that is two pieces of small nails are pure han.
As for this,
there is also a story about the early years of the Ming Dynasty,
because the men were at war,
and the population suffered heavy losses.
So we decided to move some people from Shanxi,
where there were a lot of people.
At that time the people of Hongdong county are migrating within they gathered in a large tree,
put his little toe cut a knife,
make a good mark,