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[gossip] once wild, ruined two football geniuses, she's on the streets now

ring this photo camp blonde woman,
who can believe that she is the 1990 World Cup goalscorer Schillacis ex-wife Rita? But the picture wasnt a shot.
Rita was down on the streets,
and the ending was hard to change.
On the streets the ex-wife Schillaci | Sports Weekly reporter Wang Qins marriage was Schillaci Italy media pay close attention to the story,
because the super scandal inside,
but because the marriage or the woman finally destroyed two talented players.
In 1989,
with a single season of Serie B Schillaci scoring 23 goals and Zeman recommended to join juventus.
His explosive thanks to Zemans devil training,
Juventus in the first season,
50 games 21 goals Schillaci,
Juventus won the UEFA Cup and Italy cup,
was selected for the national team,
and miraculously scored 6 goals in the 1990 World Cup top scorer.
But after Schillaci at Juventus has gone downhill,
a serious drag on his marriage crisis.
According to old reporters recalled,
after Schillaci and Rita from Sicily to Turin,
a provincial c