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White lady to remake, see tired of costume drama, there are 83 waiting for you

ring on: a good marriage,
a thousand years,
The The Legend Of White Snake stills (source network) Long Expecting,
a back ah.
Sammi Kao heard this song,
instantly reminiscent of Angie Chiu,
Cecilia Yip,
starring the classic repertoire of The Legend Of White Snake,
the drama in 1993 premiered in CCTV,
won the annual viewing champion.
In the past 24 years,
the number of The Legend Of White Snake repeats has been added hundreds of times.
In the summer vacation of 2013,
only Sichuan satellite TV played three repeats.
In the popular words,
senior IP.
Angie Chiu,
who plays the white lady,
has become a household goddess.
But later,
perhaps you see the white lady no longer like this.
The source network companies loudspeaker,
looting of White Snake these years,
journey to the west constantly remake,
now finally turn The Legend Of White Snake.
Daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter noted that as early as last November,
Hua Heng (Beijing) Co.
as the media have c