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Where is the real money? Where did the early spring series go?

chose this Dior in Monaco the first spring vacation series conference,
there is every kind of luxury brand flagship casino,
a superb collection of beautiful things.
But imagine what a country such as Monaco could offer to designers! Everything is MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! Of course,
brands are good at creating a fascinating story to hide the smell of money.
Louis Vuitton held its first early spring show in brand history in 2015.
Holiday travel is the core reason for early spring fashion house launched initial series,
and the ability to lure money and make part of the super brand further release of ambition,
presents a wonderful conference in the world at the same time,
do not lose a big deal.
In May 21,
Dior held in the spring 2014 series conference in May 7,
2015 in the port of Monaco,