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[theme] market style changes Denver forces began to rush to raise the stock schedule

n Friday,
prompting oversold stocks,
today rose an average of 3.
and the gem refers rose nearly.
With today's large volume,
the rise of the oversold stocks have risen,
not behind the rise is not to say.
Today is no longer updated list of oversold stocks.
As for the high delivery,
today's average rise of 3.
with the gem refers to considerable.
there are several impact trading,
but have not sealed,
and tomorrow if you can not appear more than a limit,
high delivery concept on the withdrawal.
the market rose today,
mainly by the influence of Xi greatly speaking,
it seems that the capital market is still very face! But another important message this weekend should not be overlooked,
Xinhua said,
adding: China will no longer engage in large-scale stimulus programs