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Taobao store started 1 billion 300 million into the valuation of 2 billion 500 million Koreas

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focus on the new board of the first media read new three.
Title: The Afternoon Meal Luis Melendez Artist: Company Name: date Han clothing e-commerce group Limited by Share Ltd was founded in April 3,
the main business: clothing design,
production and sales,
to provide a package of solutions for the controlling shareholder of the fashion consumer: Zhao Yingguang,
Zhang Hongxia,
Liu Junguang,
Du Tingguo and Wu Zhentao are five persons acting away Professor,
usher in the Song Joong Ki,
Korean fire is in a complete mess.
And whenever a Korean fire up,
the Korean wave will be a little more,
floating in my big China sky,
what clothes,
shoes ah.
The Korean dramas on Taobao are always so popular with little girls.
There will be a market dema