chrome hearts

Rondo's dream steps, guards, attacks, learning

mes to dream footsteps,
you think of Olajuwon.
It's a famous interior pace technique,
but as a point guard,
Rajon Rondo combines the physical characteristics of small players and develops a dream pace that suits the point guard.
It's also very deceptive in the basket.
In fact,
a dream inspired by early football,
played football Olajuwon from the false run from a football footwork.
In the face of stifling defensive strength,
Rondo's dream pace is still a fascinating and effective scoring technique,
especially for a point guard who has no height advantage.
break down the action details and see how you can make the action more effective.
In general,
we score in baskets by layup.
First and foremost,
you have to be able to stop in very small spaces.
Use inertia to keep defenders from g