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Ranieri: old Tinker's legendary special counter attack

han 60 year old Ranieri was nothing new,
for many years,
he is in a Tinker proved himself,
also fired again and again lost in their own.
The author | Huang Xiao he coached Juventus,
inter Milan,
Atletico Madrid,
Chelsea and other big teams,
but it is difficult to be called marshal,
because the best league is the Champions League runner up,
has not entered the finals; he was the media jokingly called Tinker,
because when the team is always dangerous mountain and success,
but after it is difficult to maintain; transformation of small range of love in his squad,
but missed a few times,
which has been criticized.
In his last job,
he coached the national team for the first time,
but was fired only four months ago,
and was chosen by his football association as a disgr