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Interview notice De Jun capital Ouyang talk about how to gold three new board

China's earlier participation in the new third board market,
one of the investment institutions,
while participating in the third board of the market equity investment and two market hedge fund.
In the new three board,
the main investment in new energy,
new materials,
new industries,
environmental protection,
consumption and other industries.
Read your invitation to Mr.
Ouyang Chunwei,
executive director of Tak Chun capital,
to chat with you as a mystery investor.
Share topic: gold 1.
OTC BB based company to NASDAQ board logic,
and its investment in three new board 2.
types of junk stocks of concern 3.
actual cases to share welcome new investors into the three groups to participate in sharing activities.
Time: May 4th (Wednesday) at half past seven in the evening: