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In addition to no business, no harm, she did more [Jingwei low-key share]

Chuansheng when you are still hesitant to buy crocodile skin or ostrich skin bag,
when people are still thinking about how to divide the claim from the animal when the British Royal College of Art Shinco Dr.
Carmen Hijosa has developed a texture,
texture and durability are not really inferior leather leather plant.
And this kind of trendy material comes from the fruit that you and I are no longer familiar with -- pineapple.
As Carmen said: we are new,
we are not replaced,
we are an alternative.
We are an alternative to leather and alternative oil based textiles that are sustainable and mutually reinforcing with social and ecological backgrounds.
There is no inexhaustible thing in the world,
and it is more meaningful to create by oneself than before get from others.
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