chrome hearts

Do they really hardcore fans in Leicester city.

5-16 season,
the Premier League,
Leicester City,
gave the world a big surprise.
The last season was the echelon team this season after relegation - Europe - the Champions League race to win seats - a dream trip.
a large number of 30 year old blue fox fans appeared on the social network.
Of course,
the vast majority belong to ridicule nature.
What are the real famous Leicester City fans? Gary Lineker,
football player of the era gentleman critics Dean character Gary Lineker,
was born on November 30,
1960 in Leicester City,
at the age of 14,
Lineker entered the Leicester city academy,
at the age of 18 in the first team,
playing for Leicester for 7 years,
scoring over 100.
Born in Leicester and became famous in Leicester,
Gary naturally became the club's hardcore.
In 1995,
Gary L