chrome hearts

A thorough investigation of the fist fell and we won

pressure as the highlight of three root as the array of Longmen again.
Today's topic can be guessed by everyone.
The beginning of the investigation usually means the end of the discussion,
because the right to interpret has been returned,
and when it is possible to speak,
speak more.
Look at the top video.
The text version: Wei Zexi incident after the outbreak,
fart drumming again for several days,
the officer finally Shengtang,
gavel shot,
said: you don't make,
don't weigh big evil evil who who is small,
this officer has to Baidu,
the armed police hospital sent an investigation group,
the specific.
Apple announced at a later date.
Fart people cry on each other's shoulder: we won! Did we really win? It seems logical.
We change the voice in different positions,
public opinion on the I