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The Most Powerful Woman In American Fashion

The Most Powerful Woman In American Fashion

Ikram Goldman is the lady behind our First Ladys fashion. Michelle Obamas inaugural ensembles like her Isabel Toledo yellow shift dress and her Jason Wu ivory gown were picked not by the designers themselves but by the owner of the glamorous boutique Ikram in Chicago.

Located in Chicagos trendy Rush Street, the boutique is the capital for Chicagos best dressed featuring some of the biggest design houses like Givenchy to the unknown and up and coming designers like Ohne Titel and Limi Feu.

Goldman does not hold an official title, but insiders predict she will be the person wholl advise the fashionforward First Lady on what to wear over the next four years.

Wendy Donahue, a fashion columnist at the Chicago Tribune told the New York Daily News That Obama trusted her guidance for the first day of her tenure as First Lady would lead me to believe that she will continue to shape Obamas style, and thus the image that America has abroad, during the White House years.

IN THE BEGINNING I went to a private Catholic school while growing up in Israel and wore a navy pleated skirt or a jumper, a white buttondown shirt or a turtleneck, and patent leather shoes. I still love that look today.

On what Ikram believes fashion should be and the pieces she cant live without:

FASHION SHOULD BE Eye candy, right down to a simple Tshirt and sweater. Even these things can have the most beautiful cut and be luxurious. Its OK to splurge on beautiful things.

CANT LIVE WITHOUT My Isabel Toledo pieces. There has never been a time when I have put on her pieces, vintage or new, and not felt great. And I adore my Chrome Hearts bag.

Not a surprise now that the First Lady chose the designer Ikram cant live without and it should be expected it wont be MIchelle Obamas last time either to wear Isabel Toledo again.

The Mrs. O website states that the glory of shopping at Ikram is Ikram Goldman herself.

She is no fashion dictator, imposing an identifiable template on every customer. Instead, she encourages her customers to play with the wares, mixing items up to create a very personal look. Ikrams personal look includes Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil Cruella D26 and Halston perfume, along with her strong preference for black clothes and flat shoes. She will even tell clients to bring in clothes they already have in the closet for tweaking and new accessories. And she uses her impeccable eye to bring together some of the most exciting designers working today. But she also isnt above working the dressing rooms herself, providing a personal touch.