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Narendra Modi reveals secrets of Pokhran tests on th anniv

Narendra Modi reveals secrets of Pokhran tests on 15th anniv

Ahmedabad, May 11: 15 years after the Pokhran tests, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi revealed the secrets of 1998 historical tests. Lauding former Prime Minister and veteran BJP leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Modi remembered the day while writing his blog on Saturday, May 11.

Counting reasons behind success of Pokhran test, Modi said Pokhran tests were possible because of stellar work of our scientists and the strong leadership India was blessed with at that point of time.

Encouraging youth of the country, the Gujarat CM wrote, This is a challenge for our youth, talent pool, scientists how we can combine our strengths and make India sufficient in defencerelated manufacturing!

After around 65 years of Independence, why must we still spend thousands of crore of rupees to procure defence equipment from overseas? added Modi while raising questions towards Manmohan Singhled UPA government.

Speaking about defence manufacturing, Modi asserted, We should think of a larger debate, encourage free flowing of ideas to think of how India can develop human resources in defence manufacturing.

Can we create an ecosystem to strengthen our manufacturing? Going a step ahead, we should even think of how we can export defence equipment, Modi wrote.

Speaking about his move in spreading knowledge of defence manufacturing among students in Gujarat, Modi informed, In Gujarat we have made a small effort in this regard. In our engineering colleges we are working towards starting a subject related to defence manufacturing..