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JVCFR6 earplugs tushang

The current mobile phone market is occupied by the smart phone Android system has become the dominate smartphone popular, has also led to a lot of them with peripheral products, the headset is one. JVC as Japans well-known manufacturers of audio, of its the Gumy candy Department to people left a deep impression. The JVC Gumy recent series launched to support the the smartphone upgrade model FR6 a headset ear design, superb sound insulation. The headset still full silicone material, outside to remove pronunciation unit, all other material with silica gel forming one extremely comfortable to wear JVC FR6 support gradually in popularity of single-hole in some places to write a four-headset headset jack Headphone the headset interfaces, including tablet computers, super, greatly improving the actual use of the convenience and practicality. Here please enjoy them together with me this headphones JVC FR6 using the-ear design, a variety of colors, this brought the red version. Headphone fashion design, silicone cover is very soft, and is equipped with different sizes for different people to use.