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The most frivolous Reader in the history of

Big 6-inch screen of the front fuselage, to the greatest degree display e-book content, 16-grayscale E Ink display, 800 × 600 resolution display is crisp and clear, support the current mainstream PDF, EPUB, HTML, TXT E-book format pictures and music on mainstream format decoding playback. Infrared sensor key unique to the bottom of the screen can be achieved induction flip, sliding about as long as the sensing area, home switch and before wireless headphones can realize, after the next page. Long press the left infrared also brings up the menu, press and the right side of the infrared key Back function can be achieved. Not only that, the screen just below the optical finger mouse control key, which is a five-way navigation key, wireless headphones can slide to next page and move the focus. Fuselage bilateral design flip key, so use the left and right hands respectively operating more convenient. Should be noted that the right side of the fuselage above the volume control keys to adjust the size of the volume. It can be said, the ubiquitous flip function, so that look Doucon and getting more comfortable and relaxed boot, we will see the welcome screen, after entering found Home, bookshelves, bookstores, applications, and settings five main page, and wireless headphones are reading, recently read the recommended book courier and so on. To know the see Doucon is relying on the resources of the Dangdang online mass e-book, book selection by Dangdang, Dangdang registered account to make a purchase, after landing. In addition to using Dangdang e-book coupons or of Dangdang gift card purchase to pay, wireless headphones can also choose to use a credit card online payment. Its built-in WiFi wireless module, as well as with the 3G Internet access, wireless headphones can feel the Internet, seamless link to Dangdang, instant download books. Reviews we chose the online payment, very easy to complete the purchase process, it is so convenient reading, found the clarity of the text displayed on the screen, the edges smooth, natural transition picture of light and dark, rich layers of the screen. Font size and brightness can be adjusted, as well as reading the memory function. Weekdays reading are directly hand page to e-reader is just a screen, there is a wealth of flip function. Described in detail in the production side of see the turning function Doucon provided, experience in more detail in this flip action results allow to see Doucon to show their talents. In addition to generally have a left and right page buttons, the most distinctive is the finger Photoelectric Mouse, by OFN Optical


The Navigation, optical finger navigation key can correctly judge the finger sliding, implementation, down, left, right to move the focus and the flip operation page and focus switched easier. See Doucon innovative infrared sensors, two infrared distance sensors, judge gesture operation, can volley flip. Press the right side of the infrared key, it will return to the interface, touches on the pop-up menu, press and infrared button on the left. It can be said that a full range of flip functionality, clear text display, so see Doucon reading experience more convenient than paper books, but also to save money, green, environmentally friendly, lightweight and easy to carry.