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wireless earbuds review Junior boys cheating expulsion requires revocation has sued the school.txt

Junior boys cheating is expelled sued the school for rescission of punishment

Shapingba District Peoples Court, Liu school to court dismissed the original penalty decision

Liu win, 21-year-old, the original is 2009 students at a university in Chongqing If all goes well, next June, the handsome appearance sunshine he will get undergraduate diploma and degree certificates on December 17 last year, the National English four grade examination he took communication tools into the examination room. After the school survey, with Liu won 13 students involved in buying the same device cheating, Liu won the class there are five people, 13 people, 11 people school grounds of cheating to make the punishment of expulsion, Liu win one person. Two probation December 17, 2011 early morning, Liu won a rude awakening to participate in the national CET 9:00. This is already into the school since third time to participate in the National CET, the former two only test 200 points 8:59, Liu win to reach the examination room. Examination room teacher announced examination discipline, distributed exam papers. After 15 minutes, a teacher holding a piece of A4 paper and went to win in front of Liu, looked to see posted on the table, candidate number and his ID card. University leadership later this cheating described as the largest since the school is the school, to purchase advanced equipment cheating cases. The students involved in cheating 13 people, 11 of whom were expelled, two probation.