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Headset madman Beware of sudden deafness

The delayed release, according to the Fudan University EENT Hospital, vice president Lu Jieshao, many wireless earbuds for musicng people are headphone Madman , whether walking on the road, or in the subway cars, the headphones are always separated ears. The experts did tests show that, while waiting for a train in the subway station, the vehicle zips by decibels is about as high as 100, so when someone just using the headset during a call, the decibels reached 120 or more to stop after the call, the moment often feel The surrounding sound statistics show that, in a group of wireless earbuds for musicng people in recent years due to a cell phone for a long time, the subway with headphones to listen to music induced deafness patients has doubled, clinical prevalence of this case has reached about 20%. Moreover, the pace of life is tense, excessive work pressure can also cause vasospasm, ear ischemic etc., causing sudden deafness; some people suffered due to a cold virus attacks will cause disease. President of the Shanghai Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, Huadong Hospital Dean Yu Zhuowei professor pointed out yesterday, the wireless earbuds for musicng people, each wearing the 1 hour headphones, ear to rest for more than 10 minutes off the headphones.