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stereo bluetooth headphones I ask everyone IPHONE4 not touched.txt

Will everyone IPHONE4 have not touched this problem

RT, my IPHONE4 bought years ago, recently found that often appears only plug in the headphones only sound, unplug the headphones no sound. All putting no sound, including playing games, listening to music, calls /gt; Internet search similar problem, broadly grouped into several solutions:

. Paddles headphone jack not reset cause insert and then unplug headphones, or to blow back into normal headphone jack;

I try to resolve the problem first and third, respectively, but that is only temporary, do not know is not also hide a more serious problem, so I would like to ask if stereo bluetooth headphones have not touched this issue? Such a serious problem or not? There is no way a permanent solution? Thanks in advance! ! !

To add that there is a probably accidentally hit the mute key, but this situation has been attention to, I will not discuss the scope of the column. | | | Is this really just cases of it? | | | This problem did not appear. | | | Press the volume control button to see the screen display is the handset volume or headphone volume | | | I also noticed that these days my machine can not normally extroverted

1, press the control buttons adjust the headset is the reality. .

But normal calls and alarm can be extroverted sound. Other music games extroverted

3, plug headphones have see the size of the sound bar change, the headphone jack is in contact.