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The report pointed out that, in the next few years will be rapid growth in the share of Nokia, Samsung and other international customers to be able to continue the momentum of rapid growth of the company. In addition, our products have been successfully expand to come in the momentum of rapid development netbooks also made good progress with computer makers such as Lenovo notebook supplier of micro-electro-acoustic devices, which are to some extent offset the order growth of the field of mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets the adverse impact of the slowdown. International leader in research and innovation capacity. Corporate R D investment is higher than the same industry competitors, has a number of patents in the world the forefront in the field of MEMS microphones on behalf of the industry technology trends and direction, compared to the company from the competition with the largest number of patents and many patents are invention patents, The gold content of the patent. The companys research and innovation capacity is reflected not only in product and technology innovation, reflected in the ownership of the patent, particularly reflected in the innovative companies around cost control, prominent manifestation of self-control for mold making and automation equipment for the company. The companys emphasis on innovation the company to double both technical and cost advantages, gradually recognized by the international mainstream customers.