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Hear the unsung heroes of the Octagon Game pros headphones papers

Coffee the unsung heroes of the game pros game the dedicated peripherals highlights, we highlight the related products and game control, has excellent handling performance products, allows the player to my operation more exquisite. Early to judge the actions of an adversary, and thus prepared to fight back, it easier to give the opponent a fatal blow to early to judge the opponents action is not enough to rely on the eyes, this time must be with the ears, and we need to make use of hardware and hearing, did not see the opponents found to predict the opponents position to do so, sms sync headphones can not do without two things, the first is to locate the exact sound card, the second is the headphones. Information about sound, in fact, can choose a few options, either innovative series sound card, because they have a very strong game performance, any an Audigy or X-fi can successfully complete the task; Along with this, sms sync headphones can also select an external USB sound card, a convenient carry career choice allows hands with the door carrying to ensure sound also heard wherever and training about the choice of headphones, then more of the non-rich, if sms sync headphones do not know before, that does not matter, because today is to introduce the professional gaming headset called the Siberia ICEMAT professional gaming headset

ICEMAT is the premier provider of high-end products in the field of professional game. Icemat Audio Series launched Icemat Siberia headset; ago I reported the Icemat Korean Warcraft players signed version of the moon and spirit ...... subsection Siberia headset black version appeared on the market, in all aspects of feeling good, the newspaper for everyone to see see top CS Gaming Headset Sennheiser PC160 SK edition

Series headphone products Sennheiser PC build for gamers has been highly anticipated, compared to the old PC150, PC160 not just earmuffs larger part of the induction frequencies, the overall improvement of the users hearing is more keen . Impedance values ​​from 32Ω before, turned into 16Ω, easier to promote the Sennheiser SK Gaming has announced to develop the ultimate gaming headset. After several months of research and development, Sennheiser PC160 SK has finally surfaced. Sennheiser specifically designed earmuffs become XXL size, so sms sync headphones can reach the most appropriate to wear. 3D high-fidelity sound quality so that sms sync headphones grasp the initiative in the important game, even if the enemy is issued only a pin drop, the size of the sound sms sync headphones can clearly identify the Sennheiser PC160 SK SK Gaming logo printed with blue metal earmuffs . Reportedly If sms sync headphones buy it, it can get a three-month visit to SK internal certificate do not know what to do with such a good headset, PC160 price we do not expect too low to offer 699 yuan, although more expensive , but the market response is still quite good original viper fish Razer barracuda

Now flourishing of high-end gaming headsets, today I will introduce a the Razer newly listed barracuda headphones, game headphones priced at 999 yuan, hardware support THX Surround headphones, 5.1 channels, the absolute super Razer barracuda headphones using the The four speakers on each side a total of eight units to achieve 5.1 excellent sound fields. In order to ensure the perfect tone and range playback, barracuda headphones built-in three separate amplifier chip to control the effect of sound playback the biggest feature of the headset is that if sms sync headphones push the bass to the maximum, then the bass in the sound card driver slightly up. Add to a hip-hop music, sms sync headphones will find that with the strong point of the drum, the headset with a vibration function. Headphones, listening to pop, classical, symphony when very clear and clean the tone by eight speakers in the confined space of headphones, very abundant, mellow. The Razer barracuda headset DTS, THX hardware support can get the absolute high-end of the top environmental realism! Gaming Headset Everglide s-500

699 yuan can buy what professional gaming headset, here I want to tell sms sync headphones that sms sync headphones can buy the full weight Everglide s-500 Gaming Headset materials exquisite, Everglide s-500 with a full package enclosed design, strong and full of layers The bass is a major highlight of the headset. Ultra-light diaphragm speed audio response, more than most of the conventional speed and sensitivity of the frequency response of headphones. The fast audio response ensures extraordinary response speed and detail to convey the headphone wearing a design very fit cheek, wear comfortable, all-inclusive design can provide great sound pressure, fully enclosed and completely free from outside influence as the game headphones, microphones natural, no less. The box comes with a microphone that can be used to clip conveniently clip the headset line direction, and can be adjusted, with a dedicated headphone portable protective bag. The last sentence, his music is quite poor, Actually, it is a professional gaming headset more reasonable price Sennheiser PC150 headset small drop

Sennheiser headphones - PC150 model not as good as 160 but the price is not low price of $ 635, and still is a high-quality and high-priced professional headset.