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sms headphones Heavy rain in the Hefei Intermediate Peoples gadfly.txt

Gadfly of the Hefei Intermediate Peoples Court in the rain

Month ago, on July 26, the Xinhua News Agency generation: the thin valley open to Zhang Xiaojun suspected murder case recently by the Hefei, Anhui Province, Peoples Procuratorate, according to the Hefei Intermediate Peoples Court for prosecution. Now Hefei Intermediate Peoples Court has accepted the case in accordance with the law, day selection trial court as what day? The old lady hair blog, no any mainstream media reports. A half months ago, the foreign media out exactly spread Judgment Day on August 9. The old lady rushed to Hefei Intermediate Peoples Court on the road, the sky is still blowing fifty-six gale. Only the wind a bit erratic, will stand in court surrounded by armed police around and around, in uniform, should be forward to the police with the wind raincoat, one way or another from the storm caps, at intervals of five to ten meters, the word scheduled to open, to a diverge feet, Daobei the fists. In civilian clothes, with the number of uniformed roughly equal in twos and threes, holding an umbrella, wearing a headset intercom, poly within the range of two to three meters uniforms. Distinguish them one thing in common, and whenever personnel close to the outside of the circle they immediately will emit an alert eyes, and can even make people feel the eyes calories Hefei Intermediate Peoples Court, located in Hefei, Chief District central location, surrounded by all main roads. Its positive door touches against the Chinese courts opposite the west gate of one hundred meters, a bus station, but about 20 square placed above some photographic tripod does not seem to the expected number of combined all the surrounding triangle frame, add up to no more than twenty. This seems to imply that the scene at the domestic media is not too much today. High nose, blue eyes of foreigners is not much seems to be no more than ten. Japanese reporter, because his Japanese phone call, the old lady can probably listen to out point taste. Brown and black skin, not renowned. It also stated that the third world class brothers, Zan Big Brother house, point out the thing, too interested!

Court Avenue around after half past eight, has basically stopped all traffic and pedestrian flow. The people seemed to have returned to the share of silence before the London Olympic stadium prizes. Perhaps, at the moment, that big wall inside is raising of the flag, sing the national anthem miles! Oh? Wrong! Naturally, I am confused, mixed up the London Olympic and Hefei trial! There now, the first thing of the trial judge, certainly are asking this after 8:30, there are warming up to open court. This outside, the rain under the very public pool! The old lady anyway, get in to see the countenance of Honor, hosting the Games, and the murder suspect. So, the old lady choose the best solution back to the House of blogging. At the moment, sms headphones see, is this the best solution best results!