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sms audio in ear review I7 plus HD6770M perfect match HP Paviliondv6 evaluation.txt

the the i7 plus HD6770M perfect match HP Paviliondv6 evaluation

Pavilion tour of HPs boutique series, either desktop or laptop, part of this series of products have a good reputation. This evaluation to get this Pavilion dv6 with a Core i7 2630QM quad-core high-performance processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 750GB hard drive and AMD Radeon HD 6770M graphics card, the overall performance is rarely able to smoothly under the highest quality run Crysis 2 notebook computer products. In addition, the model uses the popular brushed metal material, decent quality, the market price of about 7,100 yuan, with good value for money Pavilion dv6 HP-oriented home entertainment market in high-end products, the overall quality is excellent, the use of 15.6-inch large screen, although the resolution is still used in terms of sound output in 1366 dv6 has excels, BeatsAudio sound systems introduce its sound quality to to significantly enhance BeatsAudio sound system in February 2011, HP introduced a new technology, which can help users simple, intuitive and effective to enhance the music, movies, and even Internet chat sound output performance, enabling users to enjoy a better quality audio experience of the systems by HP and Beats by Dr. Dre common development, HP headphone jack redesign, the use of non-metallic parts to reduce background noise, in conjunction with discrete headphone amplifier and stereo separation to isolate the audio part of the circuit board, and then use a dedicated audio Island, the largest degree of reduce numeric interference. Allows users to enjoy high-quality audio output in the case of the open BeatsAudio system, so graceful music through the headphones or speakers to linger in sms audio in ear review ear end of todays notebook computer users are no longer confined to the performance pursuit, but would introduce a good experience for Pavilion dv6 has sufficient capacity to meet the needs of users, reasonable price, good quality, professional sound system are as home audio and video entertainment platform by place to be proud of. Below, we passed this evaluation, take a look at this product, what is worth our attention?

The appearance of the article: The overall appearance of the design features of forward-looking

Pavilion dv6 Pavilion dv series of large-size products, compared with the 14-inch mainstream dv4 superior in overall quality. As HP this year focused on the introduction of home entertainment audio and video products, dv6 not only in hardware configuration using a high-performance solution, at the same time to achieve a breakthrough in the design, the metal brushed the appearance, BeatsAudio sound system and other many highlights dv6 become a veritable home entertainment video platform. In addition, in terms of price, dv6 dv series to achieve cost-effective considering the maximum extent, the mix of high-performance and mainstream price makes it one of the summers best-selling product dv6 has a lot of areas of concern in the overall design . Compared with the rich color of many household notebook models in color choice obviously more low-key black brushed metal body with silver waist, though not visible, but low-key calm showing a home laptop fashion temperament. Metal body and it the paint materials fuselage dv4, more texture design characteristics Glance

Pavilion dv6 selected popular floating keyboard, although 15.6 inches, but its body thickness control is good, so do not look bloated; BeatsAudio sound unit configuration is its biggest bright spot, to provide users with more quality audio experience. Compared with slightly moderate dv4 into the metal breath dv6 more impressive appearance prospective, we come to an end, following please follow the author, to learn more about the overall design of this product , have a look at this home entertainment platform which areas of concern?