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Trend Style tide I advocate intended to send stylish headphones

Intended to send a headphone brand has always been the main fashion trend of personalized style. Unexpected faction met with the hip-hop world champion, a representative of one of the fashionable culture SPEED Dance Company and the well-known emerging artists, professional illustrators, famous American ice drench the brand invited Cooperation illustrator, famous Italian clothing brand contract designer, famous Mr. Yao Wenshuang such as weight and figure cooperation headphone brand proposes a novel concept, show the trend of positioning is intended to send the image of propaganda intended to send a headset is no longer simply a listening application of the product, but rather is a fashionable embodies the style, fashion lifestyle expression and enjoyment. Brand under which the products will be the most cheerful colors, the most fashionable design, outlines the most romantic image of bustling cities and fast-paced life and skullcandy double agent TA share the sentiment iPod, iPad, iPhone, MP3 , MP4 and all kinds of music equipment all show a stylish atmosphere, to match a fashionable headphones match most appropriate. Many headphone products are intended to send audio and video playback support mainstream phone market, IPAD, users no longer need to worry about compatibility issues, do not have frequent replacement of equipment, can be described as a weapon through the world intended to send the headphones to ensure that the majority of users outside when at the same time can be more convenient, more stylish, with more clothing, make a lot of well-designed, and produced a lot of high-quality products, be sure to let the majority of users whenever and wherever impunity listening to music enjoying the fun of the music, feel the most authentic voice, real music, let every friend in the world to listen to the beautiful sound. To view or purchase to the official flagship store: