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The GIGASET sounded Assemblage three new machines for their release

Insiders: GIGASET S910, E719 and C510, while listing not only demonstrates a the GIGASET strong technology R D capabilities and ability to innovate, but also on behalf of the Chinese market full of confidence for the call need in their daily lives, S910 in functional In addition, the large capacity of up to 500 Chinese contacts to meet Chinese market Chinese input, energy saving and environmental protection, ECO and the whole Chinese menu, highlight the humane care in every detail into a more user-friendly design while of the fuselage has a stylish appearance, E710 adhering to the humane design philosophy, emphasizing functionality and ease of operation, whether it is on the button or the operator interface, the product characteristics are filling the people-oriented, which also makes stand out in the red dot award known as the International Industrial Design Oscar, pick one stroke was winning at the same time, E710 more timeshare Disturb, call recording, digital answering, ECO and many other features, for the day-to-day call brought more convenient and the C510 comfortable environmental family applies


In order to consider the different needs of the whole family of all ages, the the flagship warmth and affection of the concept of C510 came into being. The product concept has a wide range of four-color body with a simple user interface, added comfort, environmental protection, health, C510 called the ideal choice for the whole family applies. The user-friendly design, but also make it stand out in the Red Dot Awards, the victorious and respond to the actual needs of Chinese users, GIGASET Chinese launched for the first time in the same price Germany imported phone menu functions, the entire interface at a glance; black , white, orange and yellow four-color shell, not only in appearance gives a warm visual feel, and more recognizable in the extended family, the different rooms equipped with telephones, never easily mistaken each handset can enter a different adrf headphones book, each of the family members have exclusive phone; ECO design for energy saving and environmental protection, to advocate the concept of a green digital home life; keys, C510 oversized buttons, with the sensitive Metadome, not only has better touch button is more convenient; screen and screen fonts become larger, clearer visual addition, time Disturb, digital answering, call recording utility design, sufficient to meet the daily life in a variety of communications needs.