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The 10 recommendations of the headset maintenance

The 10 recommendations of the headset maintenance

Hand of a headphone, we first of all is to take the headset favorable and open, the reasons for doing so do not believe I said that we all know. We can enjoy both favorable and open, but not as long as the praise open on the end of the story? Answer is, itself, the quality of some headphones clearance, because we usually use without careful before making our beloved headphones premature mortality! Following common repair headphones to give in ear reviews some maintenance suggestions!

Best not sleep wear headphones. The average person is absolutely impossible night fixed a long time, the headphone cable is not wrapped around the neck is two lines like cannabis, screwed together some big headphones and even shell was crushed. 100,200 the beginning of the beams is relatively fragile place! If any, Ban said I do not listen to music I can not sleep, then it is better to put the headphones hanging up, and is the headphone cable hanging in the bed with a rubber band tied to the side of in ear reviews head. Asleep when a head tilt headphones will pull down, are not pressed to whether in ear reviews if in ear reviews stand up! The benefits of the rubber band is pulling the headphones to play the role of buffer!

2, wipe the sweat of the headphones should be using a headset. These things secreted by the human body, contain oils, so

Wire invisible killer, such e2c in ear bending Department. Time, wire will be aging, leading to the open seam, broken.

3, it is best not to smoke when using headphones. Who has not careful when both the headphone casing, hot headphone cable, and hundreds of the ocean that in ear reviews can not feel bad? ? ? Also soot will stick for a long time in the the shock membrane, time sound into headphones shell not right.

4, must turn down the volume before using. If in ear reviews output device of the sound excessive, not only shock the ears, the light diaphragm folds. Severe cases, the headset voice coil burnt.

5, the headset away from the magnetic. The magnetic properties of the unit will decline over time the sensitivity will drop!

6, the headset away from moisture. Pad headphone unit meeting rust, resistance increases, in ear reviews headphones will be biased tone.

7, the plug part. Some friends like mp3 whats on his trouser pockets, plug outlet part is easy to fold, over time will break.

Do not disassemble. The curiosity is too strong, in ear reviews get open look at. Some headset is very difficult to take apart, mx500 do not have a special method could not open, is that in ear reviews get to open 80% bad. Small 2 unclench perhaps put the shell broke, or there is a partial tone, 888 and 808 that can also be relatively easy getting.

9, winter is best not to use outside. Winter cold, hard, brittle wire, excessive bending easily broken wire. Then do not heating headphone cable, wire high temperature will accelerate the aging.

10, away from the chemicals. Headphones shell painting is dissolved in organic chemicals, get to spend it does not look good.