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high quality headphones Girls college entrance examination after sudden deafness turned out to be addicted to online games d.txt

Sudden deafness girls college entrance turned out to be addicted to online games due

After the examination high Ping pseudonym began the night playing online games, and in order to achieve better sensory stimulation, she headphone volume open to the maximum. Gao Ping yesterday deaf busy to come to high quality headphones Fuyuan, undergo a medical examination found that she was suffering from Sudden deafness According to reports, after the end of the college entrance examination, Gao Ping began to bubble online friends and suddenly feeling play online games together, in order to achieve the best sound effects of the game, she put the volume of the headset open to the maximum. After a few days, day and night continuous combat, yesterday morning, she suddenly found the ears is called, the sounds around high quality headphones listen gone Subsequently, Gao Pings parents immediately took her to high quality headphones Fuyuan. After the medical examination initially conclude, Gao Ping occur because the headphones are too loud, ears long close sound stimulation of sudden deafness. Doctors advise that the music sound decibels can damage peoples hearing ability, if long-term in this environment, which will cause damage to the human ear.