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Headphones hazards

Note earphones hazards: If headphones headphones wear headphones to listen to music for a long time and did not pay attention to the ears and maintenance, will affect hearing. Compared with the loud-speakers, the vibrating reed headphones near the eardrum, ears hurt more directly. Although now headphone design has been adopted almost all open headphones to reduce hearing damage, but long-term use will still cause harm, may be caused by poor circulation, tinnitus, inner ear hair cell necrosis or auditory nerve damage, especially some to open a large volume of music and would like to take this opportunity to offset the outside noise, worse practice. In general, the use of headphones need to pay attention to the following principles: First, not a long time to wear headphones, volume is not too loud, if m talking to headphones headphones, headphones headphones can not hear in relation to lower the headset volume. Third, choose to wear the comfortable headphone. Earbuds earphones closer to the eardrum, more direct stimulation of the eardrum, the ear may be larger.