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Dynamic headphones: is the most common, the most common headset, is a drive unit is basically a small moving coil loudspeaker, driven by a voice coil in a permanent magnetic field connected thereto diaphragm vibration. Moving coil earphone efficiency is relatively high, mostly for stereo headphone output drive, reliable and durable magnetic headphones: drive similar to the narrow flat speaker, it will flat voice coil embedded in a thin diaphragm, like printed The circuit board, as can be the driving force is evenly distributed. The magnet is concentrated on one or both sides of the diaphragm push-pull the diaphragm vibrating in the magnetic field formed. Other magnet headphone diaphragm electrostatic headphones diaphragm as light, but there are also big vibration area and similar sound quality, it is better than moving coil headphones, high efficiency, and is not easy to drive electrostatic headphones: light and thin diaphragm, from the high DC voltage polarization, the polarization of the required power from the AC conversion, and also has a battery power supply. Diaphragm suspended in the electrostatic field formed by the two stationary metal plate stator, and when the audio signal is loaded into the stator, the electrostatic field changes, the driver diaphragm vibration. Single stator is also can drive the diaphragm, but double the stator the push-pull form of distortion smaller. The electrostatic headphone must use a special amplifier to the audio signal is converted to a voltage signal of several hundred volts, with a transformer connected to the output terminal of the power amplifier can also drive electrostatic headphones. Electrostatic headphones are expensive and difficult to drive, sound pressure level can reach no large moving coil headphone, but its fast response, capable of playing all kinds of tiny details, very low distortion electret headphones: also known as fixed electrostatic headphones, its diaphragm itself is polarized, or polarized by the diaphragm outside substances emitted electrostatic field polarization, does not require specialized equipment to provide polarization voltage. Hi-Electret headphones with electrostatic headphones most of the features, but electret will gradually depolarization, need to be replaced about 5-10 years of its life open: headphone general sense of hearing natural, wear comfortable, common in home appreciation Fi headphones, the sound can leak, and vice versa can also hear the sound of the outside world, the headphone ear oppression smaller semi-open: no strict rules, the sound can not only enter also can be out without needed and do a corresponding adjustment

Closed: earmuffs ear oppression larger to prevent sound access, the sound correct position clear, more common in the field of professional monitoring such a drawback, but this type of headphone is serious bass coloration wired headset is classified as a class that another type of wireless ear. These headphones use electromagnetic frequencies to distinguish:

VHF UHF 10 ~ 1m Very High Frequency VHF 30 MHz ~ 300 MHz wireless headset, this band is the band used by a large number of communication tools. Eg, GSM mobile phone, Bluetooth, WIFI, etc ...

Decimeter decimetric 1m ~~ 0.1m Ultra High Frequency UHF 300 MHz to 3000 MHz wireless headset

Infrared 30um ~ 3mm 10GHz ~ 1000GHz wireless headset

【The Alibaba Guangdong region headset industry analysis extraction the 166 headset industry customers

From the geographical point of view, Shenzhen, Baoan, Longgang, Wando East, Longhua headphone manufacturers focused. There are obvious geographical advantages, industry concentration, coastal exports convenient. Will be combined later this year, exports of the headset to continue the analysis to understand the the buyers faster growth countries, can combine the headset exports a few years ago, to tap the potential market range: musical instruments or the human voice can be achieved between the highest sound and contrabass one of the basic properties of the range of tone: also known as timbre, sound, such as the erhu, pipa is a different tone coloration: Music natural neutral antithesis, that sound infected program itself does not have some of the features, such as facing a jar speech to get the kind of sound that is typical coloration. Coloration that more or less certain components in the signal reproduced, which is obviously a distortion distortion: the output of the device can not be completely reproduced its inputs, resulting in the increase or decrease in the distortion of the waveform or the signal component dynamic: allows headphone frequency range to record maximum information with minimum information ratio transient response: equipment for music followers burst signal. The transient response good equipment should be a signal to respond immediately signal a stop braked to a halt, by no means clear-cut. Typical instruments: piano

SNR: also known as the signal-to-noise ratio, the strength of the useful signal components and noise contrast, often decibels. Higher signal-to-noise ratio of the device shows that it produces less noise air sense: for treble the open, or the sound field acoustic term spatial interval between the instrument. At this time, the high-frequency response can be extended to the 15kHz-20kHz. Antonyms gray dull and thick thick low frequency extension: the lowest frequency can playback audio equipment. Department for the determination of the sound system or speakers can dive to what extent the scale in the reproduction of bass. For example, a small subwoofer frequency extension to 40Hz, while the large subwoofer dive to 16Hz.