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Headphones and hearing health

The ear sound smart people. Good hearing people learning good memory. People thinking aging from the ear. The ear nerve must be very rich. When the voice sounded very excited. This is the truth. Hearing nerve fragile nerves. Nervous system can not regenerate once destroyed. This should be common sense. Is critical to protect the hearing nerve. In this regard, the headset play a bad effect. The first headphone volume should be adapted to people hearing health standard. Volume certainly destroy the hearing. Life one loud voice, most of the ears. Textile workers, artillery posts environment caused hearing loss in their ears. They will never recover the original hearing. I think that the volume of the headset should be lower than-10db, instantaneous value can not exceed 0db. This standard must be used instruments to measure. The ear can not distinguish. I often see people use headphones to listen to music in public places, such as cars, trains, on the street, as long as these occasions, the volume is definitely excessive. Listen to the music and listen to voice my opinion, is not. The ordinary voice frequencies is 300 --- 3700hz, while the frequency of the music for more than 30 ---- 5000hz. The frequency of the music is not only wide but also rich layers. The treble irritating, bass penetrating power. From this in order terms will give ear eardrum nerve great burden. Over time damage hearing. Each time bluetooth in ear enter the cafe, to see those kids staring at the screen, hands pressing the keyboard with headphones. Playing the game for a long time. My heart is pulling up. Nerve in bluetooth in earng children to play the game, all together. Over time, the actual nerves are in trauma. I have come into contact with headphones worked with headphones working continuously for a period of time, has obvious symptoms of neurasthenia. They brought headphone impedance 800 ---- 2200 ohms. Headphones most of the low impedance of 4 --- 8 ohms. The low impedance of the headset both with the audio signal simultaneously with the high frequency signals. Such as mobile phones, we will be a low-impedance headphones access mobile phones, headsets, we hear the voice frequency, at the same time comes we can not hear high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency signal. Then also as a mobile phone antenna, outwardly transmitting radio frequency signals. This time, the most powerful electromagnetic pollution. The headset is not conducive to health. Best not to use headphones to listen to music. Do not bring headphones playing video games, electronic game sound too exciting, badly wounding. The children do not use headphones. Headphones to listen to the voice than to listen to music much better voice frequency single temporary continuity, most of the wireless handset impedance is high, compared to the better. Nevertheless minimize standby from the body when the far point, two or three sheets of paper as thick distance, electromagnetic pollution and audio impact will be greatly attenuated. I do not have a headset. The above is my experience. Only a little theoretical, experimental data, the correct rate is not high. I was unfounded bluetooth in ear support, oppose, or wait and see, it does not matter, please express bluetooth in ear point of view