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best sound headphones Jolin Tsai new styling bore a striking resemblance Mei Amit.txt

Jolin Tsai new shape quite similar to Mei Amit

Warner Music denies this: four years ago, Jolin play the United States MV was wearing a white wig, short hair just this attempt. Warner emphasized popular originally is a cycle, Jolin election wearing a white wig want to give the fans a completely new experience for back put neat white gold with brilliant clothing and short hair, Jolin said he was like the styling, even Korean photographers loved taking pictures super feeling this group cover photo in less than 20 minutes to finish shooting, let Jolin adbest sound headphones him speed rapidly, never shot the album cover so fast addition Jolins new album release date a extended several times, and finally determined the same day, from the day after tomorrow the 13th and Lee Hom hair piece, obviously his fight sales No.1 throne. Warner Music said, due to pre-order the album headphones, shopping bags, and photo books, demand was rescheduled; the Lee Hom belongs Sony back bombardment all the hype the two talents last year with the shoot a shampoo ad, now because of the hair piece tear Participants have the opportunity to become Jolin best sound headphonesnger students fall out Super Star Avenue in cooperation with Warner Music, the 7th session of the first recorded, in addition to performing the song Notorious also share debut experience: When I race just fun mom helped me make-up, hair is to go to the salon, but fortunately, do not dance, or else they must be washed off!