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50 cent wireless headphones Jingdong said the special headset without cargo mass destruction single.txt

Jingdong said special headset goods of mass destruction single

Yesterday, two consumers reflected the Beijing News said Jingdong Mall on December 22 last year to order a special headset, original price 2100 yuan, 999 yuan promotional price. But after they succeeded orders, Jingdong Mall has more than 20 days after the notice out of stock, the consumer to cancel the order. Allegedly more than 1,000 consumers under subsection Specials headphones single Mr. Luo told reporters that he knows Xiaojing Dong this promotion, immediately place orders to buy a headset. The day with Mr. Luo is also the price to attract minority under a single user, and some users once ordered multiple headphones. However, Jingdong subsequent call to purchase multiple headset users, that can guarantee an order goods, remaining orders can not be guaranteed goods, request the customer to remove the extra orders. Jingdong was also mentioned solution, but I do not accept the results after three days, the system automatically delete the order. It is understood that on December 22 Order of the large number of this headphone consumers, we are his group a group, there are hundreds of people inside. Mr. Rowe said Jingdong Mall official said Jingdong indeed launch on December 22 which headphones Special activities, but a limited number of stock headphones after the launch of the promotional activities, the headset instantly very large volume of orders, and our lack of inventory. she said, The currently identified manufacturers can not supply so very sorry to cancel the part of the users orders. apologize Jingdong proposed two solutions to users: three other brands earplugs products purchased at preferential prices; or a special Kodak digital camera this consumer Mr. Rowe and Mr. Pan said it could not accept. These two solutions equivalent programs reporters call the general manager of the China regional agents Dijie of The headset Cyril asked whether The headset has been sold out that they can not ship such large customers to Jingdong Mall He did not respond positively, but said: As the Spring Festival approaching, our logistics company is now basically is not shipped, our other types of goods this week basically no longer for sale.

December 22, 2009, the Joyo hundreds of original price to a thousand dollars a hardcover books all marked 25 yuan the shock low price. The news of the order of tens of thousands flock to Joyo. The next night, under the orders of users received a letter from Joyo system mail system mistakes the beginning of 2010, orders invalid, excellence 320G drop resistance mobile hard disk low price of 118 yuan sales broke. But the next day under the single purchase hard users received the Joyo official apology message, the message said: mispriced orders lapsed January 2008, Lenovo U.S. site wrong will be priced at $ 1700 notebook is priced at $ 264, followed by Lenovo in a cancellation message is sent to the subscriber, these orders disappeared the eve of the Spring Festival in 2010, China Eastern Airlines staff operational errors, the Spring Festival travel a Popular Flights First Class Jinmai the 20 yuan a Economy Jinmai 10 yuan a special low price of 0.2%, from Nanchang to Shanghai, Xiamen, Beijing, Kunming and other routes are compromised. The mad rush to buy cheap flights, wait until the CEA found that error has sold more than 300, the loss of up to several hundred thousand dollars.