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50 cent sms headphones review June Singapore Changi Airport and Singapore local goods Shopping.txt

June, Singapores Changi Airport and Singapore local goods Shopping

June 3 to June 7, I go to Singapore to play some commodities to help sisters Daigou Airport. No accident, cosmetics, skin care products in T2 Airport Shopping convenient return directly removed, tobacco, alcohol and other things I try to buy at T2 due to Singapore required number of alcohol and tobacco, if any at Changi pro-airport or the Singapore mall to buy things, can separate communication links, such as purchasing must meet requirements have to accept the requirements of multiple pro generation gap. ~ ~ ~ need to pay close attention to time Oh, and closes on Friday myself ~ ~ ~

Cosmetics purchasing Description: quality: purchasing goods from T2 duty-free shops and Singapore Changi Airport, each purchasing pro, the receipt of the goods will attach a small ticket shopping! All purchasing goods are genuine honor, of course, subject to the nature suspicious, please bypass! About purchasing goods: I am not for each product are all familiar with, 50 cent sms headphones review need purchasing pro provide as much detail as possible 50 cent sms headphones review need pictures of the merchandise, model, color, specifications and all other information, so as not to cause unnecessary purchasing error, resulting in 50 cent sms headphones review regret and loss. Purchasing costs: Because I did not do it before purchasing, but this whim, but also for their future open Taobao practice hand. Therefore, for the purpose of money not pure, can 找补 come back down to eat and drink into. As follows: every single piece goods purchasing costs 12 yuan / piece, for more than two items gift box packages purchasing costs 30 yuan / piece, high unit prices and special items special bargain! Deposit: To avoid run single and the need to advance funds, according to the actual price of purchasing goods 30% prepaid deposit specific deposit can communicate with each other after the decision. Pro-need purchasing, please do think carefully before contacting me, otherwise deposit a cross if personal Whatever the reason, run single, then the deposit is non-refundable. Please parents who understand, after all, I am not open of Taobao and professional purchasing, purchasing back something 50 cent sms headphones review do not because of their own reasons, I handle purchasing of goods can not be very large losses that caused me. Thank 50 cent sms headphones review for 50 cent sms headphones review understanding. Orders: Please purchasing the pro, and I should contact first, purchasing goods need instructions, I will make a deposit of links, photographed immediate payment after confirmation. Purchasing came back, and make the final payment link will be in accordance with the actual price of the store receipts, then contact the buyer to pay the balance due, choose to meet transaction or courier, the last buyer received together with the end of paragraph 6 of the goods after transaction: You can choose to meet the transaction or express courier fees themselves, the meeting can see the store receipts original, courier attached copy of store receipts.