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The headphones into CIIF eye-catching show

Can imagine it? Rely solely on wireless in ear system ideas, without any tools, will be able to command small ball elevated reduce. This Industry Expo, the world leader as the consumption field of biosensing technology --- the idea of ​​God mind control headphones technology companies to become the most eye-catching display one of the reporters at the scene of the CIIF experience a: Wear on headphones, and focus. Saw ball outlet wind blowing gradually increased operating platform, Gone with the Wind, and suspended in the air; Once the distraction of reporters, the wind is reduced, and the ball will gradually decline. At the same time, the reporter by the hand to control the outlet to control the ball left and right towards. A combination of both, directing the ball to the completion of drilling the level circle, on the downhill, cross the bridge and other movements According to reports, in the Industry Fair to showcase the products based on the technology, the United States the idea of ​​God Brain Cube brain training system developed by technology companies. This system can be through 10 games, designed to train the childs ability to control the brain attention. This technology not only can be used in the study, the medical field, also applied to the field of automotive, home life. Currently, the technology has been extended for two years, the U.S. market has sold over one million copies of the product, this year is the first time to enter the Chinese market.