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wireless earbuds for music JVCFX40 carbon nano diaphragm ear headphones priced at 499 yuan.txt

JVCFX40 carbon nano-diaphragm-ear headphones price 499 yuan

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The JVC FX40 is a carbon nano-diaphragm ear headphones have been sold in the mainland market in April 2012, a total of four colors are silver, black, blue, red, headphones, the overall shape of the very texture of sound quality is also very excellent, very popular with the consumer favorite. The current market price of 499 yuan, like friends, a lot of attention to Oh!

JVC invention-disc record, phonograph, stereo record player as a global focus of the worlds leading audio equipment R D manufacturer of audio and video. Was established in 1927 in Yokohama, Japan. From 1977 the company began to produce earphone, currently has its own headset design and development studio in Japan, the United States, Europe, and has its own production plant in Japan, Malaysia, China, Korea, diaphragm technology invented different phase full wooden biological diaphragm technology; the Carbon Nanotechnology Materials Technology, carbon nanotechnology diaphragm, miniature HD diaphragm technology and so many headphones patented technology, has been known for its technological innovation and HA-FX40 Dynamic earplugs diameter 8.5mm Neodymium magnet driver unit, with a lightweight and rigid characteristics of carbon nanotubes diaphragm provide better resolution. At the rear side of the cavity is a combination of external double nested, help to improve the capacity of sound insulation on the external environment. Bent design of the ventilation holes mainly to enhance the wearing comfort, the outermost side of the rubber section may reduce the wearing impact of the instability of sound FX40 8.5mm HD carbon nano diaphragm, the frequency response 8-24,000 Hz impedance 16ohms, the sensitivity 101dB/1mW, maximum input capacity 200mW Cord length 1.2m, weight without cable 3.2g plug compatible with iPhone 3.5 gilded, Annex 3 sizes Silicone memory earplugs.