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street sync headphones HX70MD player.txt

HX70MD player

Net weight: 60 g / 82 g with battery / 102 g with battery card

Battery life: up to 67 hours

Simply put, it is the best I have ever seen MD players. Its size and weight have been the MD machine limit a step further. I do not understand why Sonys latest E-800 could even than the existing models big. HX70 can easily fit in street sync headphones pocket, and street sync headphones will not feel its presence. I think this is normal, because it represents the best models Well I think that the HX50 will design them together theres nothing wrong, of course, this is also OK, because regardless of how it will work wired remote control displayed on battery power, the number of tracks, Epworth traditional wave line the middle line cleaner / time / remaining time / disc name and track names. It can display 10 letters in track names is displayed and the disc name. The screen on the left is the play / stop button. I reach for it when the first doubts it has no pause button. However, after street sync headphones press the stop button, and then can view track names and jump directly to the song to listen to, alarm clock street sync headphones can set up to three hours within any period of time, it will be issued after the shrill beep anti street sync headphones fall asleep, street sync headphones must press the menu button, it will stop and start playback from the place just broken. In addition, there is a new feature DTP. It is almost past DSP, but it can adjust the bass and treble at -3 to 6. The great feature. The bass is very natural, not very strong, but not weak. I think it is better than the the general Sonys bass at 6 under wired remote control on the other features include: locking, display, volume and DTP key. This is useful for learning the language, but I think I do not often use it. With a sponge film and comfortable to wear. The sound quality is good, but the headset cord is too short! I like to put it in his hip pocket, and this length is not enough! Maybe this is my HX-70 only dissatisfaction