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Hearing spoken language included in Shenyang in 2014 test scores

Education work conference held on February 10, 2012 annual Shenyang City, this year will do the preparatory work of the foreign languages ​​spoken hearing man-machine dialogue, equipment and software technical support system, which means in the examination in 2014 out of a few spoken hearing score is included a foregone conclusion. Related parties score of 20 points, accounted for 12 points, listening, speaking and eight points. The specific programs City recruitment committee has yet to be finalized in November last year, the Shenyang City Board of Education announced Shenyang City secondary school entrance examination reform program to the community extensively solicit opinions. Yesterday, City Secretary for Education Su Wenjie said that, in the examination system reform program has won the social acceptance, and this year will be the program to further improve the Shenyang exam reform program main contents include: from 2014, Shen Yang City in the test will be junior high school graduates in academic examinations alternative, 760 points The total score has not changed, but the test subjects, the majority of subjects score some adjustment. Language, number, and three subjects from 150 points to 120 points, 120 points into foreign languages, including the 20-minute hearing oral exam, form of human-computer dialogue test included in the total score. New biology, geography subjects, two subjects in the same occasion volumes in the first two days of the closure out of 90 points, 50 points, including biological, geographic 40 points. History, both ideological and moral subjects score is still 100 points, 60 points of history, the 40 points of the ideological and moral score also remains unchanged, but changed to the open-book exam. Physics, chemistry, sports and health score of the same foreign language exams: Hearing of 12 minutes, eight minutes of spoken

Shenyang annually several ten thousand in the exam candidates, how to accomplish a vast number of human-computer dialogue exam? Education system in Shenyang City, the staff said, the man-machine dialogue exam to the district as the unit to set up a test center, a junior high school to the school existing computer classroom for the exam. The students in the school can not take the exam. Examination to use the computer, including the students examination invigilator with the computer invigilator machine use computer exams machine, and teachers. Before entering the examination room, candidates in the preparation room and listen to the Note managers explain exam, then a batch candidates enter the examination room, examination time of 20 minutes per person. Candidates with ticket login, and then wear headphones, and test equipment. Hearing test time of 12 minutes, 8 minutes oral exam, exam time, man-machine dialogue exam answer sheet automatically upload candidates advance and retreat of the examination room has a dedicated path, to designate candidates and students have taken to each other did not see the face, verbal scoring criteria will be more relaxed not exist dangerous man-machine dialogue declared yesterday:

, Shenyang City, the majority of junior high school are not specialized voice classroom, how can the armed out of the the professional examination room of the man-machine dialogue exam? Related parties, each school has a computer room, and the computer are more than 100 sets, just enrich the professional equipment and related software to transform, sms audio sync by 50 over-ear wireless headphones can become a professional examination room of the man-machine dialogue It is reported that the reform program in the test to determine the language for 20 points in the oral hearing test, hearing accounted for 12 points, speaking accounted for 8 points. The machine can not make evaluations tone and emotional factors, some people worry that such a drawn test scores will be inaccurate. Experts, students and parents need not worry about it, man-machine dialogue spoken part of the scoring criteria will be more liberal candidates concentrated to an examination room whether it will interfere with each other? Answer of course is no. Within the examination room, every seat on both sides have partitions, each person is a separate space. Special headphone to enable candidates to only hear the voice of the exam machine, and only on the orientation of the sound recording microphone will not affect the examination results an English teacher commented, more just form of human-computer dialogue, students wearing headphones certainly hearing test hear better, and better able to play a the true level 沈城 junior high: not yet strengthened spoken hearing

, Shenyang City in the test foreign language listening test, but not included in the total score, scores failed candidates not be admitted to the provincial key high school. The unqualified candidates Another time up opportunities. The baton of effect in the test, the junior high school students to learn a foreign language major focus Juanmian. Reporter survey found that, despite the test in mid-November last year reform program the draft has been issued, but as they are not the final plan, almost all junior high school did not take action, no intensive training for spoken English listening. After all, in 2014 only introduced, the time is not yet too late. One school leaders admit, there are schools a wait-and-see attitude, Shenyang City through man-machine dialogue EFL hearing oral exam, and be included in the test score, which is to learn from the rest of China advanced experience. Since 2009, Jiangsu provinces spoken hearing this way test, to good effect. Shenyang City, education experts said in Yongchang hearing oral performance in the test results, sms audio sync by 50 over-ear wireless headphones can supervise the school life of learning and using English reporter Li Mingxin intern reporter Sun Dan test sports test

This year, the city is expected to unified organization

The Shenyang City concern in the examination reform program is now awaiting the final adoption of the audition Commission. Yesterday, Shenyang City Board of Education, said, through several rounds of comments, the recovery has been a lot of comments and suggestions from the community, and finishing after these comments and suggestions, and the initial program submitted together to recruit Commission, constructive feasibility views will be included in the reform program. If the program is adopted, some of the policies of the Executive, such as sports and health exam by the counties cities organizations gradually transition to Li unified organization soon started. Liming Xin Sun Dan