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Gold ears of the flagship HiFi the Philips FidelioX1 headphones first measured

Since 1975, since the advent of the first only Hi-Fi headphones Philips, Philips Headphones Sound With 50 years of tradition, has focused on creating the highest level of audio performance and ergonomic. The the Philips Fidelio X1 was born precisely from this passion. It gives the X1 unique design with crisp and clear sound the range X1 positioning is allowing users to easily indulge in exclusive recital belong to the individual, because it has this ability at home!

Three gold ears of the flagship HiFi the Philips FidelioX1 headphones first measured

The open headset and closed headphones which one is better has been controversial. Generally speaking, open headphones sound delicate clear, open sound field naturally, the favorite applications many headset manufacturers in Europe and the United States; closed headphones have high cohesion, and more details on widely loved Japanese manufacturers, can be said that each hill, each have advantages and disadvantages. If I have to make a choice between these two words, I think that the users need from their own point of view, do the selection, such as I can not bear the pressure of closed headphones, there eardrum after prolonged use pain bulging, so for me, the open headphone is a better choice the Philips Fidelio X1 is open the acoustic back cover structure, it can be said that the recent model of open headphones, this structure can eliminate headphone unit behind the build-up of air pressure, so that the sound film can be completely free to move, greatly enhance the permeability of sound and make extended high frequency more fluent the four golden ear flagship HiFi Philips FidelioX1 headphones first measured

As a positioning high-end HiFi headphones, the Philips Fidelio X1 who we saw at the cost of the materials used, its memory foam and breathable foam ear pads with a double combination, external together with excellent density velvet material, making ears to withstand the pressure and heat of the headphones are spread out, so wear earmuffs using more durable and comfortable X1 designed to reduce resonance and Ming moving double-decker design for enhancing audio detail and truly flawless precision sound quality is very big help. In addition, it is a sound film also has a special shape, maintain accurate and consistent exercise to reduce sound distortion reproduction the five golden ear exquisite detail flagship HiFi the Philips FidelioX1 headphones first test

Audition Fidelio X1, strong comfort is the first experience wearing headphones have a great relationship and Philips used materials and ergonomic design. The X1 uses lightweight liner can automatically adjust, it has soft 3D network, therefore X1 can always ensure the perfect curve of the head affixed cooperation Philips golden ear top members, more acoustic engineers X1 strict, it is said that in the design, the X1 speaker after countless times carefully selected, tuning and testing, will they be paired, and thus create the finest natural sound X1 headphone driver unit size of 50 mm, which uses high power neodymium magnet, this neodymium magnet to provide the perfect balance of crisp bass and transparent midrange and pure high-frequency, high-end HiFi audio equipment essential material neodymium magnet introduction in Philips M1 evaluation / L1 many articles appear in will not go into, X1 speaker panels using pre-tilt angle design to fit the natural angle of sms audio street by 50 in-ear wired headphones ears, to ensure that the internal sound reflections to a minimum, bring true high-fidelity sound quality . Earmuffs with the inclination and 15 degrees, the audio signal is directly transmitted to the users ear, creating a dynamic and realistic listening experience the flagship of eight gold ear headphones HiFi Philips FidelioX1 first test

In addition to the above points we will concern, X1 has already begun in the higher end of the wire on improved oxygen-free copper braided cable with rewireable pluggable design after high toughness of Kevlar fiber reinforced cable up to 3 meters, ensures lower operating cable friction noise, will not result in the use of the wire detachable cable with a 6.3 mm jack cable wrapped around three meters long, and comes with a 6.3 mm to 3.5 mm adapter, convenient travel. In addition, cable wire device and a microphone, so sms audio street by 50 in-ear wired headphones can smoothly, the author of this article does not care about the overnight battle in order to get a better listening experience from listening to the cable management clip, only indisputable more time to a good pot of X1 So, as far as possible under the circumstances, I have this the pot sound equipment time stretched to more than 96 hours, longer than before the evaluation of headphones between rough estimate can play X1 performance 60% to 70% in the album selection of aspects, the author uses the latest 2012 Grammy-winning hits, ripping with EAC transferred lossless APE audio for the PC, using a USB external sound card as the output the name can not be disclosed, but the sound quality is very good , the software easy to use OPlayer player, a sampling rate of 44.1kHz test environment is the study, the time is at night, when the author put on headphones, I put the Buddha saw Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga ... 2012 Grammy winning singer are gathered in one. Every singers audience in a climax, the audience enthusiasm stage infection passion into order crazy. I do not know the singers extraordinary play, the X1 the original mood placid also turned out to be infected. Lady Gagas momentum, and feel there is fresh meat directly can feel close fitted with the faint smell of blood; Nicki Minaj inevitably he came to power after the signature akimbo action, but also when not showing off his right arm God be with sms audio street by 50 in-ear wired headphones tattoo, of course, far more than the ordinary rate of speech, but the strange thing is that I can not even miss a word, every sentence I have listened into the the 10 golden ear flagship HiFi Philips FidelioX1 headphones first measured

Have to say Fidelio X1 headphones heritage Philips 50 years of excellent quality and outstanding sound, 2012 or even rare in the high-end market in the next few years a indoor HiFi-class high-fidelity headphones, luxury and spared no expense products materials and light and can automatically adjust the sling with a 3D grid, comfortable ergonomics allow the wearer to be able to meditate in listening to sublime music world, not headphones disturbed by external factors.