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i909 phone headset problems

Samsung i9008, i9000, the i909 model cell phone users must find use headphones to listen to music without headphones sound quite like listening to music with headphones, feeling sounds like there is only one channel is very low, as is feeling of the background music, the headset call button, hold down the sound will be the high point, but can not put, or back undisturbed access to the network, a considerable number of users have this problem and find a suitable reason, it was headset is not inserted in the end, some say the wife with the music player, the sound will be transferred to a live state back to a little higher, in fact, the problem is not in this, I tried several headphones at home basically mobile phones, MP3 \ 4 headphones almost the effect of Samsung mobile phones equipped with headphones, but I use a good headset, they discovered that the sound completely restored, and the results have been very good, especially several Samsung phone supports 5.1 channel, who is a good practice. Proof that and several Samsung with headphones, there are two problems, headset answer button affects the sound, not detail reasons for feeling design; phone supplied headphones with the phone does not match. These devices need to prepare low impedance headphones to support voice, not too familiar with my knowledge of the headset, it is estimated that the high sensitivity and impedance headphones to promote several phone voice hope that those who have yet to figure out the reason for the use stop great strength plug headphones hole, and sms audio by 50 cent headphones want to get the original real good sound, and quickly change the headphones it, one can not answer the key, another good point of headphone However, the exposure of this issue once again proved Mobile, China Telecom customized mobile phone enterprises lack of integrity, not kind, expensive phone, even reluctant Hutchison the headphones for of consumers Counterpair qualified complement: in fact, something I wrote above, I just found through actual operation problem, but reason and principle I still do not quite understand, simply boils down to need good headphones to match several phone voice. But then, I do further testing, found that whether to use good headphones to match these models, it is also worth to discuss about what is good headset, whether it is a good headset matches, I did not know, because I have not carried out been tested only imagine, this headset is a better, more expensive electronic product configuration, so arbitrary that host headset may Hao later IPHONE headphones test results I am more surprised. The IPHONE headphones use the Samsung i9008, 9000, effects and models like Samsung comes with headphones, the sound is low and broken, but in IPAD is tall and plump. I used in Samsung on askew since that better headphones, headset if on the IPAD far less used in the Samsung mobile phones, Samsung comes on IPAD even worse by these tests, I feel the headphone impedance match with the player or sound card, may not be very good headphones sound, the only match in order to achieve the smaller output effect maximize headphone impedance headphones the sound, the easier, more easy to drive , requires the skill of the large output impedance, audio but that I would like to or correct, the Samsung several headphones, manufactured, certainly did not consider the match between the headphones the impedance with sound output impedance. This is a high-quality electronic equipment BUG, ​​is making a big mistake in the company.