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Headphone literacy

Popularity of headphones knowledge is necessary, a few days before I go to university to do a lecture HI-FI radio program, found that college students understanding of the HI-FI is almost zero, the headset is either very low very Few people know that the four major brands of headphones, a lot of people even think sony is the best headset. I know something is very limited, can only try to do instructions, regarded initiate headphones and sound the same as is used to restore the sound. Why have a stereo, headphones, or there is a big market? The headset has three outstanding advantages: small size, low cost, and does not affect the others for more than 3 points to consider, sennheiser earbuds select a headset. Wide variety of headphones on the market, then choose what kind of headphones do? It should start with the classification of the headset begin to understand the principle of energy conversion, headphone points moving coil and electrostatic. Lower costs of moving coil headphones, the vast majority of headphones on the market are of this type. Electrostatic high-voltage current to stimulate the sheet metal vibration and sound expensive the Sennheiser Orpheus price up to 199,999 rmb, in addition to HI-FI elite enthusiasts, most people would not consider the press and The external connectivity headphones closed and open. Almost all of the ear are all closed. Generally speaking, open headphones better than closed headphones ear protection points of high resistance and low resistance according to high and low impedance, headphones. Generally, impedance magnitude ohms in ten digits or less, the low-impedance headphones, the above is a high impedance headphone. Low impedance headphones impedance general Walkman cd machine, MD, MP 3, PDA can push the move. High impedance headphones need audio output power is larger, it is generally only desktop cd player and a computer sound card can promote some even not move, but rather use the Walkman, cd machine, MD, MP, on a PDA need amp power amplifier, the price of the amp is not cheap, generally big hundreds to thousands said so much, we generally need is what type? Usually electrostatic headphones discarded For price considerations consideration,. Users do not consider buy amp rounding high impedance headphones If sennheiser earbuds use the Walkman, cd machine, MD, MP, PDAs, sennheiser earbuds should consider another headset. Out of control cost considerations, the supplied headphones in general than the poor, basic products are not mediocre, very bad ear. You want easy to carry, it is recommended that sennheiser earbuds select the MX Series earplugs, the sound quality is a transfer volume of small-wire MX500 MX400 and sony E-888, a level MX300, MX500 workmanship = MX400 MX300, MX500, MX500MX400 has a volume box for storing earbuds, MX300. You want to pursue the sound quality, it is recommended that the choice of headphones. Big headphones sound field is unmatched earplugs, wear more comfortable, smaller impact on hearing, if sennheiser earbuds budget is not tight, big headphones should be the preferred highly recommended!!! Low-impedance headphones can be directly connected to listen, HD457, K66, M1 is a good choice. The sound quality of the high impedance of like HD600 2xxx yuan better of course, but if sennheiser earbuds audio is not very good at least to cd machine on the performance of no effect to. Audio good need amp to drive the fever can consider if sennheiser earbuds are using a computer, even if has been speaker perhaps innovative, also completely necessary with a good headset. As the price of 200 yuan, the headset sound quality than the speakers much better this is mentioned above, the cost advantage, spend a mere few hundred dollars, sennheiser earbuds can enjoy the feeling of HI-FI of course sound cards best have a better, general innovation Diamond Yamaha would be ideal if sennheiser earbuds are using a laptop, sennheiser earbuds would think that the the speakers people on the books simply can not stand the JBL are not much better. You want to use books, listening to music, watching DVD, of course, need good headphones : spend a notebook a few tenth of the money and let the ears comfortable together, more than worthy ah. If my production notebook, it would omit speakers it is tasteless, with a headset and more good if sennheiser earbuds use the desktop cd, audio 2 million civil class, I feel pretty good. Do not blame me pour cold water. The full range of the sound quality of sennheiser earbuds audio and HD 600 than the gap: Instead of spending a few thousand dollars to buy a very general audio what domestic xx high theater class, the sound quality is not as good as 1000 less than K501 headphones even worse than K 66! If sennheiser earbuds use the HI-FI audio Congratulations to sennheiser earbuds, sennheiser earbuds can enjoy great sound, but sennheiser earbuds can only sit in a specific location in the room, listening, only to hear the same kind of effect the sound if To change necessary to spend large sums of money to upgrade the sound With headphones, sennheiser earbuds can be anywhere to listen HI-FI, with the different types of headphones that sennheiser earbuds can use for listening to classical headphones to listen to classical, suitable for listening popular to listen to the popular, prices and HI-FI sound than just a drop in the ocean, the effect is essentially the same final say is this: from protecting ears open headphones better than closed headphones better than earplugs, but in a noisy place best not to use headphones especially open, noisy environment, sennheiser earbuds will unconsciously turned up the volume, unknowingly cause huge damage to hearing. generally not more than 4 hours continuous listening to headphones, earplugs should not exceed 1 hours, or ears hurt it much. everyone to enjoy music at the same time be careful to protect their ears!