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Girls, always tinnitus

Often tinnitus girl, was actually the fault of the 27-year-old woman with headphones listening to music Zhang Lu a pseudonym distressed to tell of their condition: I tinnitus more than half a year, has been seriously children did not sleep or relax relax enough, but the last one week, I began to dizziness, headaches, tinnitus loud buzzing ringing off the hook.

Doctor diagnosed, Zhang suffering from nervous tinnitus, more serious symptoms, left untreated can damage the auditory nerve, causing deafness Zhang carefully recall, often wearing headphones, listening to music, and this will not be relevant? Anshan Central Hospital ENT Director Zhu Xu said: We often encounter such patients, long-term use headphones to listen to loud music, which constitutes noise interference, is likely to cause tinnitus or even deafness.