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Jinan starting THEBIGBUS the citys prime tourist circle buses change bills

See information gt;gt; Shanghai, Shanghai as an a diversified international metropolis, Chinas international financial center, at the same time, is an emerging tourist destination city, shopping cuisine and culture, historical monuments in a city the fast-paced life and slow Petty Bourgeoisie complement each other. Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road brings together brand-name stores and shopping centers, shopping, style side street of small shops Amoy clothing items; meals even countries mini wireless headphones can taste all over, or got into the streets to find a cheap local snacks; mini wireless headphones can hang around in the Bund exhibition of architectural, southern town can find to see God Temples lively blue brick white tile bridges, Jin Mao Tower, the eighth highest in the world, iconic Oriental Pearl, Xintiandi, the fashion Tianzifang creative the Longhua Temple exuberant incense, countless attractions, food, entertainment, enough to keep mini wireless headphones entertained. The Big Bus Company The Big Bus Tour is the first from the United Kingdom, could be seen in the streets of London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong, it was red figure. Riding on a red double-decker open-top bus shuttle in the downtown streets with colored landscape appreciate both sides of the street on the bus The Big Bus Tour-8 Voice Electronic explain service! To wear complimentary headphones, listen to the elegance of the fashion capital: Museum of Architecture from the world of the Bund to the bustling Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street; the Lujiazui skyscrapers to ancient and solemn Jade Buddha Temple; life of the new world of literature and art from the petty to the marketplace God Temple ... Here mini wireless headphones can enjoy all the beauty of Shanghai, is undoubtedly mini wireless headphones best travel option!

References driving circuit diagram the Puxi red tourism routes and sites: Nanjing Road New World City - Peoples Square - Shanghai Museum of Art - Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street - Bund station A - Bund the B station - Shiliupu, Pujiang, tour Pier - Yuyuan - Xintiandi - Nanjing Road New World City. The Puxi green tourist routes and sites: Nanjing Road, Nanjing Road New World City - Shanghai Museum - Huaihai Road - Jingan Temple - Portman Hotel - Jade Buddha Temple - Shanghai Art Museum - New World City. The Pudong blue tourist routes and sites: Bund Station A - B station Bund - Oriental Pearl Tower - Shanghai World Financial Center and Jin Mao Tower - old pier - Shiliupu,, Huangpu River Cruise Terminal - Bund B station - Bund A station. Metro: One line, second line, the 8th-line Peoples Square station the 5,6,7,19 exit. New World City opposite.