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The modern march playground by God

Professor Norman Davies in his writings about Poland, that piece of land as Gods Playground, a pun. There is no doubt that here have been brilliant, had pain, had a revival ... these will pass. Today, the Philharmonic, yet poetic, good wine Poles, the ship of life is always toward a better sail. You see, hear Chopins musical ring tones, the street beauty shuttle with endless style, anti-good in ear earphonesth wearing a baseball cap Rap and hip-hop juvenile occupy the square, fashionable luxury stores quietly hidden in the eighteenth century The old house ... If good in ear earphonese tired of Milan, Paris, when a look to Poland in Poland, the most important name is undoubtedly Chopin, the romantic poet of the piano is the land God and the glory forever. Walk the streets, restaurants, hotels, museums, named by Chopin signs countless, 2004, Warsaw International Airport simply have to change their name to 肖邦奥肯切 airport. But today, the name represents, never just two hundred years ago Chopin. Headphones Chopin

Warsaw night under the lights across the dazzling blond, fashionable good in ear earphonesth, as well as high-powered motorcycle roaring past. Ancient background in the distance, wearing headphones Chopin, began to uphold humming ...

Warsaw, regardless of the street, or a restaurant or bar, everywhere, beautiful music, melodies wind around this time, I am in the ground floor, next to the Royal Palace of Warsaws Old Town restaurant floor, red brick vaults, typical of the Gothic style. While sitting around a Polish people invariably eyebrows. Several blond girl, childrens boots water, graceful posture stretch a lazy style, few people are famously seductive locals looked back from behind, talking at us. Those girls, Warsaw, did they not beautiful? He took off his iPhones headphone out his hand: Krzyszt, call me Chris! School five years Chinese learning in China for a year. Seeing good in ear earphones happy! He Chinese quite stuttering, some blunt, but the expression is succinct in his proposal, we try the local special drink - bison grass vodka, yellow wine and women, strong fragrance, a grass inside the bubble, Polish cuisine with table really is match. Cup of liquor Happy Encounter, Chris turns plug in his headphones in our ears, the POP style Polish Pop Language fuzzy, electronic music soared. Poland has more than Chopin, which is Doda toast her to ... she was cool ......

Wine and music closer look at our distance, he decided to come with me to see Warsaw, our steps in the catalytic vodka, light and floating on the ancient stone pavement. The real Renaissance roaming really Willful. Here, real life is no longer the medieval style, or a boring place with a strong imprint of the former Soviet Union. The front of a mix of traditional and modern multi-city. Standing on the re-restored Royal Palace and the Santa Ana church platform, the new Holy Cross Bridge spans the Vistula River. Poles dubbed Stalins gift Palace of Culture and Science uphold towering red and yellow trams surrounded, the opposite modern office buildings and large shopping malls are not far behind, sharing the city in the background 1 2 3 4 5 Next

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