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Feel like a car to learn the correct, in fact, is a huge price in exchange for a small return. Run the light intensity of the transportation vehicle, the number at any time in the change, which will inevitably force the pupil to continue to adjust and adapt to the environment directly cause visual fatigue, accelerated aging eye cells, declining eyesight. If reading when a high concentration of attention, it is bound to cause the body to maintain a long-term fixed posture, the consequences of back pain, numbness in limbs. If sitting on the station, would not drop the ball?

With the popularity of MP3 and MP4, especially good headphonesng people, middle-aged people are accustomed to carry, and the capacity of the player is also growing, a lot of people listen to music all day long. Medical studies have confirmed that the Walkman has become a healthy human hearing killer. Sound waves through the human ear content parse end 0ms cost! -gt;