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8 oclock the next morning, our line came to Cangshan at the foot again, the Erhai next Dali, meet our golden sun. Ana scene is particularly enchanting in the fresh air, sunlight glittering on the walls. Say Kwan early, more pedestrian, here has already gathered the attention of many visitors. About 9 oclock we left Dali car driving G56 Swiss Hangzhou high-speed, over 180 km to Baoshan City. Stretches more than 10 kilometers an Pingba we can not see Guizhou. Looking ahead is a party to the fertile land located in the western border in Yunnan Baoshan City, Yunnan Province developed earlier, more lucrative areas of cultural heritage. Information: Baoshan and Dehong, Nujiang, Dali, Lincang four prefectures bordering dependencies outside Myanmar landscape the citys population of 2.4 million, 37 kinds of ethnic minorities. Among them, 13 kinds of ethnic groups. In over 29 countries and regions, more than 170,000 overseas Chinese, the famous hometown of overseas Chinese in Yunnan

Baoshan mild climate, to both continental climate and oceanic climate characteristics. The average annual temperature of 15 ° C, the coldest average temperature of 8.2 ° C. The hottest day average temperature of 21 ° C. No winter cold, summer heat Baoshan City in the complex and varied terrain, the topography extending from northwest to southeast tilt, with a minimum altitude of 648 meters, the highest elevation of 3655.9 meters and an average elevation of 1800 meters. In Mountain area accounts for about 92% of the area the Pingba basin accounts for about 8% of the total area of â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;the mountain plateau city. First destination of our trip, Longyang District, Baoshan City Han Town Zhuang room Village Tea walnut, Zhangs brother-in-law home, he had been to many times, and this stayed a long time, so the road do not have to ask the car directly fork into the path. But then only 5 kilometers from the highway, and then have to walk 2 to 3 hours to climb the summit to the mountainside. I heard that the road has been available to reach the tea walnut tree we ix35 about 6-7 kilometers traveled in a small way to see the side of the road to pick people Ah X. The piece is very narrow and dusty trail with the back of his motorcycle along the treacherous bumps along the way, many sections. On the road far from the tree shade, in front of the largest aircraft bushes Health. Eventually reach the tea walnut trees, with over 1 hours, 28 km from Baoshan to this trip, and 13:00 over-clock the car to open the front door, the house out of a middle-aged man could see his face and hands determination of the breath the hot sun roasted black black, thinning of the body reveals. When he saw us, he did not talk much, I could not understand, but it is particularly sincere and touched. Flew his wife carried away from the main room at a table on the the Yuan Ba â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;middle, put the tea and water and some snacks. A X marked with the hot water we wash. About 2:00 bell, the table filled with food, and to be honest we are a little hungry here at 2070 meters above sea level, the average annual temperature of 13.3 ° C, annual precipitation of 900 mm. Throughout the winter, 3-4, not a drop of rain fell on this piece of land. Should be less than 10 km straight-line distance from the Baoshan City, are actually a big difference. Very little precipitation, there is no rice planting only corn and the village rice are buy. Village people almost every family has raised sheep, in order to increase the income to buy rice. Exempted two groups of villagers village, 89 farmers, population 342. Zhuang room village primary school has two classes, three teachers. After lunch, looked around and chatted, talking about different Guizhou and Yunnan, asked the lifestyle here, the owner is a man of few words, but reveals a sincere demeanor words and deeds. We came out from his home, walked toward the opposite Zhuang room village. Zhuang house in the village of less than 1,000 meters away from the tea walnut Shue straight line distance should, but we leisurely walked more than 40 minutes. Forward along the cement road through the village, we encounter pedestrians are not many, first as kind-hearted and simple, although we have never met, or real they enthusiastically invited into the house from under side tea water busy has kept its close to dinner time at home in front of us through every sincere invitation to guest house for dinner. This is in stark contrast with our old indifference, so that I am ashamed. Human well-being, the world is Yan Liang the city artificially absolve itself, to cover up their cold hearts rhetoric. Footsteps gently depress the poverty in this red earth, is how easy and natural, and every sentence with a sincere and warm heart undefended. After a very long time so relax, but disturb the owner, I really do not want to leave this place dinner, we climbed up the hillside behind the house, lie down under the dense shade, head in the earth through the leaves looking up occasionally floated a little bit of clouds, the sky ... dotted with blue people jealous sky. Gradually, the distant Gaoligongshan slowly faded, as the sun sets and a big fireball, and the distant hills and sky dyed red, it looks so cute, really want to run past it holding in the the palm of the hand back to my home. We stuffed with headphones, did not speak, quietly enjoying nature gives everything - mountain village is so quiet and serene. When the sun has just gone down, and the stars, thus revealing her bright eyes, more and more, and more and more. The day go completely dark, the stars covered the whole sky, with good cheap headphones thoughts textile pattern good cheap headphones imagine a sudden insight into a child my mother taught us to say, stars in the sky countless What does it mean desolate hillside, hard-working people, the simple soul, the blue sky, a story of people touched!